Saturday, 24 May 2003

Day 1 - Land's End to Padstow - 67 miles

As usual it took a while to get going in the morning so we didn't arrive at 'The Land's End Experience' until 10.30am. What a dump! £3 to park, £10 for the (ahem) 'attractions' (a sub-Madame Tussaud's diorama of pirates) and £8 to have your picture taken by the Land's End sign! We end up taking a shot from the wrong side of the barrier, like most other people, I hope. Mixed weather forecast, hence the full sou'wester...

£8 to pose for a photo?! You're havin' a giraffe!

Set off and realised the road was a lot hillier than it looked by map or car, hugging the coast and dropping down to every inlet (and going back up the other side). And the wind is blowing right into my face - the idea of starting in the south west was to have the prevailing wind behind me. Already getting very hot in my waterproofs...

Settling into the ride I start to pass some of those classic Cornwall names - Bojewyan, Bottallack, Kelynack, Woon Gumpus Common and Boswednack.

Things going pretty well until just before lunch, when the really serious coastal hills start. There's really nothing quite as depressing on a bike as shooting downhill at 35 mph, knowing that you will have to climb up a 15% gradient on the other side any minute.

Had lunch with Clare and wonder if I've made a terrible mistake deciding to do this...

Am I there yet?

By Newquay the hills appear to be straight up and down and the town is full of 'Race To The Sun' idiots driving around in their souped-up Vauxhall Novas.

Finally made it to Padstow for a drink and fish & chips by the harbour, accompanied by Morris-style dancers with accordians and drums (no-one blacked up, thankfully).

Here's a map of today's route (which confirms the amount of climbing today - 4,000 feet is a lot for me!):

Bike route 288494 - powered by Bikemap 

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  1. Wow. That's a long trail to bike. You're so cool. I would love to practice biking while staying at Padstow holiday cottages. I've received good feed backs from those places.