Sunday, 25 May 2003

Day 2 - Wadebridge to Crediton - 66 miles

Up earlier and out of Wadebridge (where we stayed last night, 5 miles from Padstow). Continuing over rolling countryside, including some biggish hills. Swinging to the east, the wind is suddenly right behind me, which makes such a huge difference - I'm shooting along at 25mph past wind farms and sheep, feeling like Lance Armstrong!

Morning break ahead of schedule at Launceston and carry on to Okehampton for lunch. Then a series of hills past Dartmoor, feeling that I'm starting to get to grips with climbing. The local stone, and the soil in the fields, is a deep, sandy red...

Rolling hills in Dartmoor

At lunchtime there are lots of cyclists around (it's Sunday and most are, sensibly, just out for a potter). Clare saw a large group leaving Land's End just after me, including a tricycle. I do hope I'm not bumping into them all the way up to John O'Groats. I'm not a huge fan of other cyclists at the best of times, and a lot of touring cyclists are nice, but can be terribly dull - and a tricycle is an even more worrying sign of 'eccentricity'...

Only 20 miles to go to Crediton and the sun comes out for the first time and the landscape is beautiful - the dark granite and bare hills of Cornwall are long gone. Devon is far more rolling, with pretty thatched cottages.  The people seem friendlier.  And there are lots of location signs for Down To Earth (the town-to-country drama starring Pauline Quirke).

Tonight we're staying in a very strange farmhouse run by a woman who seems to be completely mad and with extremely dull fellow guests - I do hope we aren't turning into them...

Today's route:

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