Wednesday, 28 May 2003

Day 5 - Monmouth to Ludlow - 66 miles

Started at 9.30, but needed suncream as it looks sunny. Hilly coming out of Monmouth. Although pleasant it's always annoying to slog up them only to shoot straight down again. Soon in Herefordshire, almost perfect countryside - green, lush hills, sheep and streams.

Green fields and rolling hills in Herefordshire

Take a small detour to have lunch at Hay-on-Wye with a friend from Channel 4 who's at the book festival. A lovely setting and very nice elderberry wine, although stopping early means that the afternoon is longer than I would have liked.

It's hot in the sun, but the route manages to weave between the hills - one of the reasons to ride old coaching routes, which avoid steeper gradients which would tire horses.

Unexpectedly came across a toll bridge in Whitney over the River Wye, which charges me only 5p to cross. What a sweet idea!

Meet Clare in Ludlow to have a night back in Birmingham.

Today's route:

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