Saturday, 31 May 2003

Day 7 (and a bit) - 'Day off' around Windermere - 29 miles

Spent the evening around Lancaster, possibly having too much to drink, and ended up playing pool against pub regulars - always a risky business, especially if you win.

Woke to find that the pub/B&B had been broken into (luckily the bike was missed!) and the 'statuesque' landlady had confronted the intruders starkers - a terrifying image in itself and enough to send even the most hardened burglar running...

After in the saddle, I've decided to have a day off, um, cycling with Clare around Windermere. As it's the weekend we decide to head for the quieter side of the lake. It's very beautiful, if rather hilly, and my legs are feeling a bit stiff. Hawkshead is a lovely village and I would happily stay around here. Lunch in Ambleside before we head to Windermere itself.

Cycling on the roads is impossible, there's just too much traffic, especially motorbikes. So we stick to the cycle paths, which are much better. Take the ferry across the lake - which only costs 40p - but there are some very tough hills back to the car and Clare ends up pushing her bike most of the way - I'm just enjoying not having the panniers on. And she's got a bad heat rash too boot. Good job she's driving, rather than cycling the main route!

The Lake Windermere Ferry

We head to Morecambe on the way back to look out over the bay. It's a dump and seems very down at heel. Lord only knows what it's like off-season...


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