Monday, 12 June 2006

Day 1 - Friday, May 26th - Birmingham to London (120 miles)

As promised, the rain finally stops just in time and I’m away at 9.30am. It’s not quite as bad cycling with the panniers as I feared, but still rather like pedaling a tractor. Perhaps I should have at least tried a test run!

Leaving home for the Med - On y va!

The first 50 miles of the day are familiar, as I ride through Leamington and Southam in Warwickshire and Daventry in Northants, en route to Milton Keynes, but then it's all new.

It's also the first of many days when I underestimated the distance and am late, mainly thanks to a puncture on a dual carriageway near Milton Keynes that took half an hour to fix.

Following the A5 down to London takes me through some surprisingly pretty towns, like St Albans...

Medieval Clock Tower, St Albans

However I arrive in London in surprisingly good shape and go out for a desperately-needed meal with friend Toby and his better half Anya who are kindly letting me sleep on their floor in Primrose Hill. In return I take them out for a meal at their local Greek restaurant. No worries about the calories...

Here's today' route:

Bike route 306117 - powered by Bikemap 

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