Monday, 12 June 2006

Day 4 - Monday, May 29th - Amiens to Paris (95 miles)

Woke up to discover that I was still alive, but that it was absolutely chucking down outside, so the start was postponed until 11.00am.

But the route turned out to be very pleasant - cycling across lovely flat countryside to Paris with the wind behind me.

Stop for lunch at Beauvais, which has an amazing unfinished cathedral - I think parts fell down and then they ran out of money. Had a couple of pronunciation probems, but eventually managed to order my food.

After lunch on the way out of Beauvais, I discovered the rather poignant, and sadly neglected, monument to the 1930 crash of the airship R101 next to a dual carriageway. It was on its way to India, but didn't get very far...

R101 Crash Memorial outside Beauvais

It's hard to find nice roads to cycle on as I approach Paris, so I'm stuck on increasingly busy dual carriageway. As I enter the city proper the traffic becomes almost unbearable - I cycled in Central London every day for 4 years, so I'm not soft about these things, but blimey cycling in Paris is ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING!

I do find my way through in one piece in time to cycle down the Champs Elysees to have my picture taken by a bemused Japanese tourist by the Place de la Concorde:

Made it to Paris in one piece - Eiffel Tower in the background

Then just a couple of easy miles along the Seine to get to a friend’s apartment where I'm staying tonight.

Here's the route:

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  1. How long took you to get to Paris? I think to try it next week but the weather could be not that pleasant. I guess I will need six to eight hours?