Monday, 28 May 2007

Matt und James's Deutch Fahrt - Route Map

Finally managed a 100-mile ride today - from Birmingham to Stoke-on-Trent and back. It's not the distance that's been the problem, more the time involved: I left home at 11.00am and got back at 7.00pm. And I remembered how hard it is to eat and drink enough without making the conscious effort.

But despite having a cold coming on, and a persistent drizzle, it went very well and I didn't have any real fatigue or soreness. Sadly my cycling shoes won't be coming with me to Germany, as they have finally given up the ghost after 5 years and about 10,000 miles. I suppose it's better that they expire now rather than in the Czech Republic.

Ordered replacements, plus new tyres and shorts, and just hope they arrive in time for the trip, or I'm in trouble.

And here's a map of the route, to give you an idea of where we're heading. Admittedly it doesn't look the straightest route, but we had a few places we wanted to cycle via...