Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day 6 - Thurs, June 21 (Prague - Furth im Wald) - 103 miles

Another long day so we left early. By the way, please don't blame me for these distances as James chose the route - it's his 'dash for the border' so that he can be back on reassuringly-Germanic soil! Rain forecast and we had to cycle up the long hill out of Prague in drizzle.

The sun soon came out and it soon became hot. Made it to Plzen (where Pils beer originated) and had little choice but to have a McDonalds, which neither of us had eaten for years, but which filled a hole. Sad to see chains like that here too.

Grim and grimy heading out to Stod. The traffic was very bad and there were no cycle routes, plus the Czechs drive like nutters. Started to rain and the wind was blowing strongly into our faces. We were worried from the map by the hills before the German border, but they weren't as bad as we feared, although there was a long steady hill up and down.

Furth im Wald's brewery, home to Bavaria's Marianne Faithful lookalike

Furth im Wald is very pretty and they had a huge decorated maypole in the main square (as did most of the towns in the South). We were staying at a brewery which was run by a woman who looked like Marianne Faihful, who was perfectly friendly, but seemed rather fond of her own home-brew, and the likelihood of her being up in time for breakfast seemed remote. Walked round the town square and everywhere was dead apart from one rather trendy bar where we ate.

Today's route:

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