Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Day 9 - Sun, June 24 (Landsberg - Lindau) - 90 miles

Should be a lovely day today, although we couldn't tell from the map how busy it would get as we set off from the beautiful Landsberg...

Pretty Landsberg - and Hitler agreed...

Sunny this morning and no wind as we followed lovely roads through fields and forests. The hills were much better than we expected (James is a natural pessimist anyway so things always turn out better than he imagines).

Changed routes again and realised that Germans are happy with cyclists as long as they want to either: a, Potter to the local shops; b, Follow wiggly cycle routes through woodland; or c, Take their shiny racing bikes out on country lanes on Sunday. Sadly we don't fit into any of those groups, wanting to get from A to B relatively quickly.

Bavarian cycling at its best

Lovely ride to Wangen and then a ridiculously long downhill towards the Bodensee, which we had earned without realising on the other side of the mountains.

The last hour was a little more tricky on winding back roads, one of which was being relaid, but we found the delightful hotel in a pretty hamlet and had another pork-based meal (it's all the Germans seem to eat, although I haven't seen any pigs yet). James heard cowbells this afternoon which made him feel at home.

Today's route, nearly there:

Bike route 307490 - powered by Bikemap 

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