Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Matt und James's Deutch Fahrt - Postscript

What have we learnt from our trip?

1. Germans like eating pork, especially sausages, and drinking beer
2. It's best not to mention the war
3. It's a very beautiful country with friendly, if reserved, people
4. If you want to cycle, play by German rules (stick to cycle routes) or they get angry
5. Everything shuts on Sunday
6. Germans cycle a lot, but mainly to their local shops or on shiny racing bikes on Sundays

Wienerschnitzel (pork and chips to you and me) - loved by Germans

Some statistics:
1. Total distance cycled: 914.5 miles (1463.2 km)
2. Number of punctures: 6 - James 4 (on the same tyre, in one day!), Matthew 2
3. Injuries: James - sore knee tendons, Matthew - general decrepitude, including sore hip, hands, back and neck
4. Crimes committed: 2 - cycling on Autostrada, James blew up a bike shop's Luftpumpe

Bratwurst, the other German staple

All in all, it was hard work but enjoyable. Germany is beautiful and the people are friendly if you play by their rules. If pressed, though, I would have to say that my favourite place to cycle is France.

Now thinking about next year's cycle and whether USA coast to coast is viable...


  1. You're both completely mad.

    Why didn't you just book a flight at ?

    Seriously, that was a great blog and it looked a great trip. Next year over the Alps?

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