Monday, 20 July 2009

Mont Ventoux - Etape du Tour 2009

Today is the Etape du Tour, a day where amateur riders get to tackle one of the Tour de France stages, with roads closed, just ahead of the real Tour.

This year it's Montelimar to Ventoux, the most iconic and toughest mountain on the tour - and the route that me and brother James will be tackling in the autumn. The Geant de Provence: 106 miles, 11,500 feet of climbs, Tommy Simpson killer - it's an absolute monster - no wonder it's so feared...

Why not just do the ride now? Well, for one I don't fancy riding with 9,500 other riders, even if the roads are closed. I've never liked riding in groups, despite the advantage of less wind drag, it feels unsafe to me and you can't go at your own pace. Added to which, the ride is in July and that's just too hot to be in the mountains - I know what it feels like in 35+ degree heat having ridden Ventoux itself twice before.

So 'Chapeau!' and 'Bon courage!' to the people riding today, I'll look forward to tackling it in the autumn. For now, here's the route...

Bike route 220577 - powered by Bikemap 

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