Monday, 10 August 2009

Back From The 'Fascist Cycling Bubble'... Gary describes our little cycle excursion.

He does have a point, I think I've finally realised that this kind of touring may be a challenge, but it's probably not the most fun. And, much as he may think otherwise, I'm not really trying to 'break' him.

When you have to spend the whole day racing to finish and you don't get to see any sights - I would have loved to visit the De La Warr Pavilion, for example - you need a re-think.

Plus, any 'unforeseen', but perfectly likely eventualities - such as punctures and broken gear cables - make things even harder.

So next tour will be 60 miles per day and I'll save the manly 100+ miles stuff for when I'm on my own on the road bike, then I'm the one to suffer and have no-one else to blame.

Not that I'm accusing Gary of being a wuss. Oh no. Here he is after putting up with 190 miles of cycling and, more heroically, 2 days in my company. He looks very happy to be seeing the back of me, don't you think. Although he has already signed up for the next installment - I was thinking a weekend through Kent next spring...

Still alive and back in London

Anyway got the train from Dover to London Victoria and cycled across town for the train to Birmingham. London the same horror show to ride in as ever - apart from the usual stinking lorries and aggressive taxi drivers, a heavily-pregnant woman stepped off the curb in front of me at Leicester Square without looking. It would have been me feeling guilty if I'd hit her. Hope Clare doesn't do that. Meanwhile the bloke on the 4th plynth in Trafalgar Square looked particularly bored too, he looked like he was reading a book.

And now I've just been told off on the train for having smelly feet (in my defense, I had a shower this morning and they were fresh socks). Thought better of arguing. Sigh...

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