Thursday, 13 August 2009

Back on the chain gang...

Having really enjoyed blogging the latest cycle, and with Ventoux to come, I'm going to try to carry on this year, including more general cycling info and links. It may work, it may not. Here goes...

I got my Trek road bike back from the shop today - it was in having a service after a year. I can look after most bits of a bike, including adjusting spokes, but the back wheel was starting to pull to one side as the spokes on the left loosened.

Anyway it's all as it should be now. The amazing thing, after lugging around the mountain bike with panniers is just how light the thing is; you can lift it with your little finger. If only the same could be said of me! Can't wait to do a long ride on it again. Just got to wait until the pain from a rib strain has gone.

Here's the bike in all its glory - note the high tech bike stand!

My Trek Madone 5.2

I was informed by the chap in the shop that my 18-month-old bike is now effectively obsolete. Either he was pulling my leg, or technology really does move quicker than I thought! I've been very impressed with it, but seeing as my last road bike was over twenty years ago and was a Raleigh hand me down, that wouldn't be difficult.

Apart from the weight, the carbon also makes the bike very forgiving and cushions a lot of jolts from the road. And buying it under the Cycle To Work scheme saved me about 40% of the price too - even better than the car scrappage scheme!

It all seems a long way from the dream bike of my youth in the 70s - the Raleigh Chopper, of which more another time...

The Raleigh Chopper - the stuff of cycling dreams, or nightmares?

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