Saturday, 8 August 2009

Brighton at last!

What with the punctures, waiting for Gary and diversions en route, we arrived in Brighton at 7.30 feeling far from box fresh, but very happy to be here.

Brighton: Is this Simon Cowell lookalike putting on a brave face, or is he, like the pier behind, damaged beyond repair?

We're staying at the marvelous Vicki's place a couple of miles from the front tonight. However, the extra 2 miles up a vertiginous hill are a cruel end to the day's cycling.

Anyway, after a shower and application of Savlon to tender areas, just capable of walking 200 yards - in the style of John Wayne after a week in the saddle - to a restaurant.

And then to bed.

Oh God, I had a terrible nightmare that we have to do this again tomorrow!