Wednesday, 4 June 2003

Day 11 - Brodick to Oban - 73 miles

I start the day with a massage, which the B&B owner does as a sideline. It's not exactly a 'sports physio' session, more whalesong and smelly oils, but it can't hurt. Funnily enough my legs feel pretty relaxed anyway.

What with that and getting into a generally lax frame of mind after the short day yesterday, I didn't leave until 11.30 to cycle across the island to Lochranza to catch the ferry to Kintyre, to the north over the Firth of Clyde. Miss the planned ferry thanks to the unexpectedly large climb across the hills - the descent into Lochranza was almost scarily fast. But it' a lovely spot, and far quieter than Brodick.

Lochranza on Arran, a pretty spot to wait for a ferry

The ferry to Claonaig is absolutely charming and drops us off on an almost deserted quay. There's another cyclist, a Ducthman called Peter, and as I faff around sorting out the bike, he's off like a rocket, even though he's got about 6 panniers on. Stick with him for about 10 miles until Tarbert.

The day gets sunny and hot and there are a couple of pretty tough hills. I find it a bit of a struggle from Kilmartin - perhaps I've gone soft with the short days and flat country. Finished off by the last hill into Oban. But once we find the B&B and tidy up I feel a lot better and we walk up to McCaig's Tower, a folly with wonderful views over the bay.

The B&B is pretty horribly decorated and has polyester sheets, which give me a really uncomfortable night's sleep.

Today's route:

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