Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dorset to Dover - Day One - Route Map

Here's the route for day one of the Dorset to Dover ride, which I'm doing with Gary on August 8-9. First day is approx 90 miles and as flat as a pancake, second about 85 with three hills, including Beachy Head.

Bike route 287373 - powered by Bikemap 

The route starts in Bournemouth, where we are staying the night before in a B&B - hard to argue the sports nutrition benefits of a cooked breakfast, but when you're burning 7,000 calories a day, who's counting? It then heads through Chichester and the New Forest (picturesque), followed by Southampton and Portsmouth (not sure if they're quite so pretty after the Luftwaffe and Fifties town planners finished with them) and down to the coast at Bognor Regis (I'll save the George V 'Bugger Bognor'! discussion until we get there). And along through Worthing to end at Brighton, ready for beer and chips, no doubt...

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