Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Some Stats and Technology...

Having hooked the bike computer up to my computer I now have the stats for the trip (bearing in mind that it ran out of power about 5 miles from the end).

Miles covered:

Day 1:
95.72 miles, 6578 calories, ave speed 13.0 mph, top speed 31.2 mph

Day 2 (including estimate for missing miles):
87.2 miles, 5939 calories, ave speed 11.2 mph, top speed 33.7 mph

It's an amazing piece of kit. As well as giving you the usual speed, time, etc during the ride, the computer (it's a Garmin Edge 205 by the way) use a built-in GPS to creates a map of your route and records all its data when you plug it into the computer, including height above sea-level.

Garmin Edge 205

Sadly this is only the base model, costing about £100 (compared to £40 for a bog standard bike computer) so it doesn't give you a map to follow. There are models that do that, but they cost 3x more. Other faults are that the battery life is limited (about 8 hours of continuous use) so you have to nurse it through a long day, switching off if you stop for long periods.

I also discovered last year that it doesn't like to be rained on all day - the water steams up the screen and crashes it.

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