Wednesday, 19 August 2009

This Week's Ride - Birmingham to Tetbury, 75 miles

I haven't been on the bike since getting back from Dover, thanks to painful ribs - the result of being barged into a wall by my boisterous (and, let's be honest, refreshed) riding partner, Gary.

However we're off to a 30th birthday party on Saturday in Gloucestershire and, as Ventoux looms on the horizon, I thought I'd better take the opportunity to cycle down - well it is supposed to be fancy dress!

It looks like about 75 miles, mostly flat, but with a sharp hill just after Gloucester. Should take about 5 hours - I'm not planning to rush. I can pop in to see my brother Alex in Cheltenham, and it should certainly off-set the party food and booze!

It'll be interesting to see how I get on back on the road bike, after riding the tractor-like tourer with panniers.

Anyway, here's the route, done using a new (free) online mapping tool I found, Easier to use than MapMyRide and it doesn't have the annoying ads (yet). Plus I love the way you can scroll through to see where the hills are...

Bike route 287314 - powered by Bikemap 

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