Monday, 24 August 2009

US 'Bike Ban' Campaign...

Bad news for American cyclists? There's a campaign in the rural US Midwest state of Iowa to ban bicycles on 'farm to market' roads (ie most Iowan roads, I'd imagine).

Two Wheels Bad?

Sounds nuts, but I've read some worrying stuff about the way cyclists can be treated in the States - Mark Beaumont was knocked off his bike and mugged ON THE SAME DAY in Louisiana on his round-the-world trip, and Jane Tomlinson had beer bottles thrown at her during her coast-to-coast cancer charity ride.

I'm hoping to ride the US coast-to-coast when I have some time (maybe for my 50th?), but it's a worry.

I love the US - we drove from San Francisco to New York for our honeymoon - but sometimes, as with Sarah Palin and some of the anti-healthcare reform rhetoric, it's a struggle to understand some people's attitudes...


  1. I think the U.S. is so large that it's possible to experience all sorts of things here. Plus we have a tradition of rebelliousness, if you recall from your history. :-)

    People have tossed oranges, trash bags, and ice at me. I've been nearly side-swiped. But those incidents over all the years have been relatively few, and none dangerous. So I think if you cycle here again, you'll have a great time. Most people are friendly.

    On the other hand, I do fear the inattentive driver, and they are everywhere in the U.S.

  2. Good point, well made, thanks David.

    I once had an Christmas tree thrown at me while cycling in London...