Sunday, 30 August 2009

Will Self on Brompton Folding Bikes

I have to admit that, while I can appreciate their practicality, Brompton bikes have never done it for me.

It seems like the only people I ever see on Bromptons look like this:

A typical Brompton user?

The idea of a genuinely stylish folding bike does appeal - fingers crossed Dominic Hargreaves can get his 'Contortionist' bike into production.

In the meantime, novelist Will Self made a pretty good case for the Brompton in the Independent last year.

Will Self and his Brompton (Photo: Andy Sewell)

Much as I respect Self, famously accused of taking heroin on Prime Minister John Major's campaign plane in 1997, I just can't quite get past what he describes as the "Robin Reliant, termos flask and tupperware box" associations...


  1. If you're looking for a folder that can handle anything (and that you don't have to ride in a suit, although you can) you should check out Montague folding bikes. These are full-size folding bikes that can take on pretty much anything. I've got one of their mountain bikes, and it's just awesome.