Thursday, 10 September 2009

Now That's What I Call Amazing Bike Skill!

I've always thought that BMX's, trials bikes, etc were a total waste of time and designed for idiots. I mean: one tiny gear, no saddle to speak of, probably a baseball cap on backwards and trousers sagging down. Why not just stick to skateboards?

Harrumph, it all makes you feel desperately old (and I remember BMXs the first time round)!

But trials rider Danny MacAskill is so amazing I may have to make an exception. He even sounds like a nice guy...

See what you think:


  1. Hello Matthew.

    Just stumbled on your blog and will have a good read.

    I am with you on the popular image of BMX bikers but have to agree this guys skills are amazing. I love the clip where he jumps down the steps into the underpass and then the camera keeps rolling as passing pedestrians come to the top of the stairs to see what kind of state he was in. Priceless!

  2. He's pretty damn amazing. They shows a few prangs, but that guy must be covered in bruises! And how strong would you need to be to jump a bike around like that?!

  3. Matthew

    Check this video of Mr Macaskill doing his stuff on YouTube