Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cycle Ride 2010 - WWI Western Front

I've worked out a route for next summer's cycle ride with my brother James - following the route of the World War I Western Front from the Belgian coast to Switzerland.

French Bicycle Soldier

It's about 560 miles and we're planning to do the ride in about 7 days - I've caved in to criticism that my daily routes are too long, so this is about 80 miles per day. It might give us a little more time to look around properly...

But I might sneak in a couple of hundred extra miles by cycling from Birmingham down to the ferry in Kent over a couple of days beforehand.

The reason for the route is two-fold: first, I really want to cycle in France again, having enjoyed it so much in 2006; second, I'd like to find where my great-grandfather fought as a gunner, until he was invalided in September 1918 (at the age of 42!). He never recovered and died in hospital in 1923. It'll be a sort of mini-Who Do You Think You Are?

It's all going to depend on how things work out with our new baby in the new year. I may not be given time off to gad about on my bike!

Also inviting along regular cycle-buddy Gary and will ask my university mate Pete, who lives in Sweden.

Anyway, here's the map:

Bike route 322271 - powered by Bikemap