Friday, 29 January 2010

Diet Update: The 1 Month Weigh-In

The moment I've been dreading has arrived: after 4 weeks of healthy eating, has it made any difference?

And the scores on the doors are... (Photo: Daily Mail)

I should blooming well hope so as I've been living off little more than soup and veg for nearly a month, booze is a distant memory and bread is a Saturday morning treat! Plus the terrible weather, dark evenings and my busy work have made cycling almost impossible.

Actually it's been absolutely fine, as with last time, once you get started it's easy - especially as my wife Clare is a great cook and eats sensibly herself, so no temptations. And working from home means I don't have to pass any sweet-loaded shelves.

I do feel better, but does that equate to less weight?

And the result is....I've lost 1/2 a stone!

Perfect, that's 2 pounds a week which is exactly what is recommended for sensible weight loss.

I started at 16 stone (I can't believe it had crept back to that!), so with a target of 14 stone, that means another 3 months of careful eating. And just as the weight gets harder to shift, the weather will be better and the spring cycling training will kick in!

'All' I need to do now is keep up the good work and keep the weight off!

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