Monday, 8 February 2010

Hello Baby, Goodbye Cycling?

Our first baby, a lovely little boy called Oscar, was born on Friday - here he is in the flesh:

We're fantastically proud and happy - as well as tired...

Obviously it's going to mean some big changes, not least of which is whether Oscar's arrival is going to mean the end of my cycling 'career'...?

Time is going to be far more constrained - and I don't suppose that 100-mile rides at the weekends will be much appreciated.

But hopefully I can keep up cycling throughout the year as well as longer rides in the summer - such as the tour I'm currently planning with my brother to Switzerland for Leukemia Research.

Suppose I'm just going to have to be smart with my 'spare' time and get up early to ride and run in the evenings too..

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to getting one of these for little Oscar and giving him the cycling bug early!

Tykerider - Early Rider