Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Cannondale Lefty For Sale...

Spent a bittersweet few hours last weekend getting my Cannondale Lefty ready to sell - cleaning it up, servicing everything and turning it back into a full-on mountain bike with riser bars and knobbly tyres.

It's a fantastic bike that I absolutely love, but with the current one-in-one-out policy it's got to go to make way for the new touring bike.

It's in amazing nick - the custom paint job is immaculate (I can't stand the recent Cannondale paint jobs and decals, so had mine re-done), the rear wheel, brakes (Shimano XT, far better than the original Hayes efforts) and drive train are virtually new and the fork has been serviced recently.  The tyres were taken off in the shop before I even took it home.

I mean, who wouldn't love this?  Oh well, I'll be putting it up on ebay in the next couple of weeks and somebody will be getting themselves a bargain...

Cannondale Lefty


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  2. Have you sold it yet?