Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cycling For Parents

With my tour to Switzerland less than 3 months away, I've been struggling get in regular rides, let alone longer routes.

Being a new parent is obviously a major factor - apart from being tired, I'm preparing most of the meals which makes evening rides tricky.  Plus it's busy at work and there are endless jobs on the house and garden at weekends.

Plus I don't have a commute to give me regular rides any more, like I did when I lived in London - the 100 feet to the bottom of the garden isn't quite the same.

Every new year seems like starting from scratch as I build up the distances for the summer tour, but this year seems particularly tough.  This is how I felt in February...

 © Cristina Del Moral & James Murphy
Old Chinese Cyclist (Photo © Cristina Del Moral & James Murphy) 

But over the last couple of weeks I seem to have made some progress, with more weekday rides squeezed in and a few longer rides snatched at the weekend.  On Saturday I even managed to sneak in a 60-mile ride - we were visiting Dad and I persuaded Clare to drive Oscar over while I cycled.  Brilliant!

So just need to keep that up and lose two stone in the next three months and I'll be all set for summer...