Monday, 21 June 2010

Swiss Roll - Day 3 Route

The third day of our cycle to Switzerland continues to follow the route of the First World War's Western Front. But, because this was a relatively quiet sector of the front, hopefully our focus can be more on the countryside than the suffering of the young men who fought here nearly 90 years ago.

The route is 87 miles - a few more than previous days so hope we've found our touring legs - from Soissons to Sainte-Menehould.

Bike route 385868 - powered by Bikemap 

The city is, as the French might say, "très historique" - and one that has been fought over for nearly 2,000 years. It was well established by the time of the Romans, was wrecked by the Vandals and the Huns.

Reims cathedral became the site where French kings were crowned, rather like Westminster Abbey for us Brits.

Reims Cathedral
Of course the Germans made a terrible mess of the town, but it's been pieced back together and the champagne still ferments in miles of caves under the city streets.  Anyway, should be a good spot for lunch...

The afternoon is more of a blank, an area overlooked by t'interweb and guidebooks so much that a cartographer might mark it 'here be dragons'.  All I know is that there's another 40-odd miles of gently rising countryside to our overnight stop at Sainte-Menehould...


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