Thursday, 22 July 2010

Swiss Roll - Day 5, Nancy to Le Thillot, 88 miles

Weather forecast awful today - rain, followed by more rain...

Get up later than recently and cycle into Nancy to take a look at Stanislas Square, which is absolutely delightful.

Nancy - Stanislas Square

However, leaving the city going south is even worse than entering it last night. The signposting is terrible and we nearly end up on a motorway!

But after wasting half an hour we finally find the route to Epinal and cycling is a real pleasure.

It starts to drizzle, but the road - which slowly traces the Moselle back to it's source, is wonderful - although we rise nearly 2,000 feet during the day it is barely noticeable...

As we get close to lunch the rain gets worse, until at Epinal, after 45 miles, I feel absolutely sodden. Although it is an improvement on the previous daus' scorching heat (the journey is starting to feel a little like a biblical epic!).

And the dreadful weather persists as we continue. Eventually we reach Remirement, only 12 miles from our destination for the day, Le Thillot. Of course bicycles aren't allowed on the main route and the only alternative involves taking a 9-mile diversion.

But eventually we find a fantastic cycle route that weaves in between villages and away from the main road, taking us right to our hotel door and we arrive, looking rather disheveled, for a gratefully-received bath and meal.

Swiss Roll - Day 5, Le Thillot

The route has been 88 miles, 11 more than planned.

Tomorrow morning is the Ballon d'Alsace, 3,841 feet high and currently shrouded in cloud. Hopefully the weather will improve and our legs will hold out...

Here's a video of today's exploits:


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