Monday, 15 November 2010

Now is the Winter of our Discontent - Cold Cycle Gear Part 1

It's getting dark at 4.00pm, there's frost on the ground and it's miserable....perfect cycling weather!

The Thames Frozen Over in the 1950s...

Well, thanks to my slightly obsessive desire to lose weight, it certainly looks like it to me.

After 3 months of Weight Watchers (well, I go every week to get weighed, if that counts) I've lost 2 stone of flab and I've got another stone to go. More on this next week...

But dieting alone won't shift all the blubber, unless I give up every last semblance of pleasure, so cycling is having to pick up the slack. And at anywhere from 600-800 kcals per hour, that's enough to make up for the odd sneaky curry and the Friday and Saturday night booze!