Monday, 13 December 2010

Winter Cycling - Part 2

I'm pleased to say that, despite the snow and sub-zero temperatures, I've managed to keep the cycling up - the first time I've managed it over winter!

Somehow I imagine myself looking somewhat more stylish, and svelte, than this...

Once I'm onto the main roads it's clear and it's just the -5C temperature and icy wind to worry about.

And after 10 miles heading westwards, and upwards, I get to the top of the Waseley Hills...

This is my regular 20-mile loop that takes me out of Birmingham towards Hereford & Worcester.  Here's the same view in the summer.

It does give you a warm glow, both literally and metaphorically, although the fingers and toes do need a little de-frosting, despite the layers...!


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