Monday, 24 January 2011

Winter Warmers - Cold Cycle Gear Part 2

Despite the weather continuing to hover around freezing, I've managed to keep up my cycling (around 80 miles a week) this winter.

I posted on my cold weather gear a few weeks back and I've since bought some extra bits and pieces, all woollen, based on my research and experience.  Here they are:

Merino Wool Base Layer
Over the years I've resisted 'technical clothing' for cycling - lycra, polyester tops with lots of logos, etc - but I've found myself gradually giving in.  The latest purchases are all merino wool - which has all the advantages of man-made fibres without the tendency to get smelly if you sweat.

It's a DHB Merino M_190 base layer, about £30 from Wiggle and worth every penny!

Basically, despite being incredibly light and comfortable, it's also incredibly warm - like wearing a duvet.  And with a zip neck it means you don't need a neck warmer on top.

Merino Wool Skull Cap
Whilst on the merino wool theme, here's something I've wanted for a while:

It's an Endura Baa Baa merino wool skull cap, which fits nicely under your helmet and, with ear flaps, keeps your head and ears toasty warm.  I generally only find myself wearing this if it's below freezing (or my ears get too hot!), good value at £15 too.

Merino Wool Socks
And on those really cold days it's worth having an extra pair of lining socks under the waterproofs...

These are Seakskinz Thermal Liner Socks, around £7 a pair...

So, get that lot and you'll have nothing to fear, whatever the weather throws at you!


  1. Isn't it interesting how wool is now marketed as a "technical fabric"?

  2. Well, I suppose if it does a job as well as man-made fibres, if not better, it's good to see the sheep getting the marketing support they deserve!