Monday, 9 May 2011

Bicycle Hearse is the Way to Go

Cyclists can now take the bike on their final journey as a Birmingham undertaker unveiled a 'bicycle hearse'.

Ian Hazel Funerals told my local paper, the Birmingham Mail, that they were responding to demand for greener burials.

Alongside the unveiled pedal-powered funerals, people can chose cardboard or willow coffins.

“There is more concern about the environment these days and people often ask how eco-friendly are our coffins,” said Ian Hazel. “Although our standard range of coffins use recycled timber and hardwood veneers from managed forests, people are now asking for wicker or bamboo coffins in increasing numbers.

“To reduce the funeral carbon footprint still further, we can now provide a bicycle hearse to deliver the eco-coffin to the cemetery or crematorium.”

What a great way to go!


  1. That's great until the casket falls off, and the contents roll out.....