Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Why To Wear A Cycling Helmet - Some Stats

Spotted this online - some really powerful statistics to back up wearing a cycling helmet.

Plus plenty of other interesting stats: injuries, why and where people ride, such as:

  • Helmets reduce the risk of serious brain injury by 75%

  • 13.6% of cyclists ride on the pavement

  • 26.1% of 'overuse injuries' are of the groin or buttock

Monday, 22 August 2011

Danny Macaskill's Industrial Revolutions

Anyone who's seen urban trial rider Danny Macaskill's previous YouTube videos will know that he takes bike riding to a different level.

Now his latest film has featured in the wonderful Channel 4 programme Concrete Circus, alongside other 'urban athletes' including free runners and a skate boarder, as part of the channel's Street Summer.

His Industrial Revolutions film, shot by long-term collaborator Stu Thomson in an abandoned Scottish ironwork's train yard, continues his amazing (and beautiful) work - all the more amazing given that he's had to take several months out after a couple of injuries (one of them the result of tripping over a kerb!)...

If you've missed Danny's earlier videos, they are here and here.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tour de Pain...

After the success of our London-Brighton-London earlier this summer, my Channel 4 colleague Peter Heneghan and I have decided to tackle something a little bit bigger...

So, we've decided to tackle some - I'm hoping a dozen - of the Tour de France's toughest mountain climbs in a week-long tour.

Peter's brother (who's a pretty serious cyclist) and my brother (who isn't) are keen to join us too.

The route is currently under discussion, but we hope to do a couple of days in the Pyrenees and a couple in the Alps, plus one en route. Here are some of the mountains on the shortlist, many of them evocative for anyone who's ever followed the tour:

Alpe d'Huez (1860m), Aubisque (1709m), Col d'Agnel (2774m), Croix de Fer (2067m), Galibier (2645m), Glandon (1924m), Hautacam (1560m), Izoard (2360m), Solor (1474m), Telegraphe (1566m), Tourmalet (2115m), Mont Ventoux (1909m)...

Most of those mountains are counted as Hors catégorie - meaning 'beyond categorisation' - i.e. very high and very steep!

At the moment, it's still at the planning stage - and subject to consent from Mrs Robinson - but if it goes ahead, it's going to mean some serious training...!