Monday, 7 November 2011

Rapha's Free Repairs Mean I Don't Have To Eat My Shorts...

I may have mentioned once or twice that Rapha is my cycle-wear maker of choice. Well now I've found another reason to confirm my affections for them...

Rapha Bib Shorts

I've got to be honest, at £145 Rapha's Classic Bib Shorts aren't cheap! But it's one of those occasions when you get what you pay for.

For a start, like all their clothing, the Rapha shorts are incredibly functional and beautiful. The shorts use the best pad available, by Cytech. The result is incredibly comfortable shorts - the best I've tried - and I can quite happily cycle 100 miles a day without the slightest discomfort.

I'd compare wearing these shorts to an average pair with the difference to using lovely modern quilted toilet paper after using that awful waxy stuff we had at school in the 1980s!

So you'll understand how cross I was when I managed to snag the shorts on some brambles while going for a pee. Talk about spending a penny...

One of the seams was a mess and I thought the shorts were ruined. But I remembered something I'd read on Rapha's web site - they offer a free repair service. How many companies would do that?

So I packed the shorts off to Rapha and waited.

Sure enough, after 4 weeks (longer than their usual timescale, but the repairs lady was away) I received them back and they really are nearly as good as new, you wouldn't spot the repair unless you used a microscope.

So thanks Rapha, keep up the good work and I'll keep buying your gear!