Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Rapha's Festive 500 - Day 2

Day 2 - Tuesday, Dec 27th - 100 miles
After 3 days off the bike - and having given it a thorough clean and washed my gear - I'm ready to face another battle with the weather to burn off some festive calories.

But this ride proves to be far less unpleasant. Although needing to ride 20 miles and also facing the same headwind, and despite early drizzle, things perk up quickly and I never look back. I'm in Worcester by 11.00am, rather than 1.00pm as last time. And no punctures to report...

This is much more like it, rolling easily along, racking up the miles. I'm joined by another cyclist a few miles from my turning point - he's on his way to visit his in-laws, meeting his family there who were driving the same route (something I've done many times).

With a few days off, I'm feeling pretty fresh, apart from the low-level fatigue in my quads and I'm able to turn for home at 1.00pm, this time with the wind (without rain) pushing me steadily home.

A sign caught my eye near Gloucester for Nature in Art, which turned out to be the rather grand Wallsworth House where my great-grandfather was butler before the First World War and where my grandmother was born. Must pop back to find out more!

A ride to restore the spirits.

130 miles to go...


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