Saturday, 31 December 2011

Rapha's Festive 500 - Final Day!

Day 4 - Saturday, Dec 31st - 70 miles
It's the final day of the challenge - either I complete the mileage today or it's too late...

And, luckily, it's the best day yet - dry and even occasionally sunny. The headwind's still there, but it's not bothering me as much today. Having the end in sight certainly helps to make for a pleasurable, rather than dutiful, ride.

In fact, after 240 miles over the last week - far more than I would every usually ride this time of year - I feel so comfortable on the bike and the miles feel easy.

I head west again, out through Cotteridge, King's Norton and Frankley, dropping down to Belbroughton and on to Blakedown, Kiddermister and Bewdley, before climbing up to Callow's Hill and Clows Top and falling again to Newnham and just short of Tenbury Wells.

Turning for home, the wind behind me is wonderful, I feel like a ship under sail. And Clee Hill looks lovely...

The ride home is a genuine pleasure and I feel strong and pretty fresh considering the 310 miles.

And just in time for a lovely New Year's Eve meal!

So that wraps up my Festive 500. What have I learnt from this? Well, I knew I could physically do the miles, but it was a challenge to combine that with a family Christmas with the days so short.

And also a fantastic start to training for the summer's challenge of tackling 13 of the Tour de France's toughest mountain climbs...

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