Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Gear Review: Rapha's Winter Collar

As the chilly winter winds continue to blow, I thought it would be timely to pop in a quick review for an item of cycling clothing which has become one of my favourites on cold days: the Rapha Winter Collar.

Rapha Winter Collar
It's not sexy or particularly sleek (although it is nicely stretchy), but this is absolutely essential when the mercury hits zero!

Available in black, red and pink (as well as Moroccan Blue and Fig - yuck!) and made from a mix of 93% merino with 7% spandex (how Seventies is that?!) it's thin, stretchy, comfortable and itch-free. The merino also means that it stays odour-free after a few uses.

The collar can stay around the neck or as the temperature drops - or, for example, descending hills - you can hook it onto your chin or right up covering your nose. Combined with a merino skull cap I've been cosy in -5C (although far colder with the wind chill).

I chose black for practicality and matching other kit, but was tempted to get the pink version for the fun of it!

Keeps dogs warm too...
Like most of Rapha's gear - at £25 it's not cheap - but I've looked at similar-quality alternatives and they aren't much cheaper. And you pay for the quality.

If you ride at this time of year and are sick of having a frozen face and neck, then order your Rapha Winter Collar here right now.

And you get the added advantage of looking like a cycling ninja with the collar up and skull cap on!