Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Inverted Bike Shop - Video

I just love this video in every possible way. Just watch it and see what I mean...

The shop it features is the 'inverted bike shop' of the title - the 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn, New York.The idea is that you come in and tell them what you want a bike for and they help you choose all the relevant parts.

And they'll actually let you help to build it of you like - how cool is that?!

The owner, Joe Nocella, set up the shop after having his own bike stolen and deciding to build a new one. He enjoyed it so much he did the same for other people and the idea snowballed.

The store looks great too, it's open plan with sofas and bikes on the wall. Perfect, I want to go there.

It's also a beautifully-made video. I've just completed a film-making course and I would love to be able to make films just like this...

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