Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let it Rain!

I'm not a fair-weather cyclist - I rode 300+ miles over Christmas in the wind, rain and sub-zero temperatures - but I do have my limits...

Cycling in June 2012...
June 2012 is forecast to be the wettest month on record and I'm afraid to admit that I hate riding in the rain, so cycling is becoming a rare pleasure at the moment.

I've ridden in some pretty awful rain - I remember the end of my first day riding from Birmingham to Edinburgh in 2008 when the heaven's literally opened in Buxton and a biblical downpour near Hamburg in Germany the year before - but it's just not something I could ever enjoy.

It's not so much the soaking - although that's bad enough - it's more the drying out of the clothes, the cleaning off of the bike and the way that rain seems to turn drivers into idiots.

So all I can say is, please let the sun come out in July!