Thursday, 23 May 2013

"#BloodyCyclists" - I Pay Road Tax Too...

A disturbing story about a young woman in Norfolk who wrote the following on Twitter last week about hitting a cyclist on the road:

Apart from being an unpleasant sentiment, it's an astonishingly thing to post on a public forum. And, as a result, the cyclist has now been found and Norwich Police have become involved, contacting the driver:

Apparently the cyclist was actually hit - he was taking part in a sportive at the time - although fortunately he (and his bike) are fine.

The second thing the story points up is something that a number of motorists throw at cyclists - that we don't have an equal right to be on the road as we don't pay Road Tax, as they do.

As entertainingly - and quite rightly - points out, 'Road Tax' doesn't exist and it hasn't since 1937. What drivers pay is Car Tax - or, more formally, Vehicle Excise Duty - and motorists do not pay directly for the upkeep of the roads, which actually comes from general and local taxation.

Like most cyclists I drive too and pay Car Tax. Of course, if cyclists were required to pay VED, we would be zero-rated as it is based on carbon emissions!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Lovely Video About A Passionate Cycle Collector

This is such a lovely little film about a wonderfully passionate bicycle obsessive, James Macdonald - 'The Spokesman' - who collects and restores unloved bikes in his native Australia as a 'time capsule' for future generations.

The film, made by Dean Saffron - a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia - is an absolute joy!