Thursday, 13 June 2013

Cycle Slalom Lanes Introduced to London...

Here's a classic example of why British cycle lanes are useless, wasteful - and, most importantly, dangerous. Watch the video..

This is a brand new stretch of cycle lane on the busy Bethnal Green Road in London, which cost the council £8,000, highlighted in today's London Evening Standard.

So what exactly is wrong with it?

1. It's less than 200 yards long, meaning cyclists then have to go straight back onto the road.
2. It's like a cycling slalom - there's a lamp post and a parking meter in the middle of the lane!
3. It runs right next to the edge of the pavement, meaning that any passengers opening their doors are going to be hit by unsuspecting cyclists.
4. As the cyclist in the video rides along, a workmen is wandering along the lane with a hosepipe, while his colleague has his van door open across the lane.
5. At one point it crosses a side road (one of my personal bug bears this) - so you have to give way.

So it doesn't do what it's supposed to, it's dangerous and it's a waste of money - and now the local council are considering paving it over...

I give up!