Monday, 17 June 2013

Gear Review: Halo Proactiv Sports Wash

If you're anything like me, your cycling gear looks and smells something like this...

My wife won't touch my cycling clothing - and particularly not my shorts! To be honest, I can't blame her - if I had a choice, I wouldn't either. Like any exercise, cycling makes you sweat and your gear bears the brunt.

But I also like good quality cycling apparel, such as Rapha, made from materials like Sportswool and Merino wool, which need to be looked after and washed at 30C, which means boil washes are out of the question.

The problem is that washing powder may clean your gear and make it smell nice (for a while), but it doesn't kill the bacteria that causes the problem, they just mask the smell and they leave soap residue behind too.

But I've just been sent something new that claims to change all that. Halo Proactiv Sport Wash says it's the first non-Bio detergent specifically designed for sports clothing that kills the nasty bacteria that actually causes all the problems, leaving your cycle wear clean and fresh.

At £5.99 for 1L it's a bit pricier than Persil (for 25 washes - that's 24p per wash, about twice the price of normal washing powder). But that's worth it if it does the job!

Anyway, the proof of the sports wash is in the cleaning...!

After washing my cycling gear - shorts, jerseys, jacket and socks - a couple of times with Halo I've been impressed. First off, there's definitely been no harm to the fabrics and they've come out clean and with no residue.

My immediate impression is that my cycle clothing seems particularly fresh and that that appears to last longer than I remember with normal washing powder. It may be a placebo effect, but it would certainly be explained by Halo removing the smell-causing bacteria. I will certainly keep using this and update my post with my longer-term impressions.

So all-in-all I would give Halo Proactiv Sports Wash a definite thumbs up, so far 8/10. If it continues to do the job, who knows, it may be a 9...

Performance 10
Price 7
Overall 8


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