Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Gear Review: The Coolest Kids Cycle Helmet Ever! - Kiddimoto Goggles Helmet

We've just bought our bike mad 5-year-old bike a new helmet and it's the coolest helmet ever!

It's made by Kiddimoto, a family-owned British company based in Somerset, who specialise in wooden balance bikes.

Our son's old Specialized cycling helmet has long been outgrown and has been perching uselessly on our son's head for a while. But he thinks wearing a helmet to cycle and ride his scooter is 'cool' (long may that continue!), so we wanted to get him something really stylish - just bigger.

It's a BMX-style helmet with air vents in (very visible) bright red. But the clincher is the design, with painted on goggles, which look absolutely fantastic!

Having measured his head, he was right at the top of the 'small', so we bought a 'medium', which currently looks huge, but there's lots of room to grow (the helmet fits my wife too!).

The best price we found was £21.99 from Chain Reaction Cycles.

The helmet is very solidly made and there's loads of padding and adjustment. Our son gets lots of smiles from people when he wears it.

And if it encourages kids to wear a helmet, who can argue...?


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  2. A cycle helmet is rather well designed plus you will find an awful lot of foam plus resetting. All of our youngster may get numerous enjoyment out of people today if your dog might wear them.
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  3. Wonderful helmets.This is really looks so cool. Definitely I will buy one for my kid asap.Thanks for sharing this good review.

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  5. Smart and safe helmet. My little one normally gets annoyed with her helmet but hasnt complained about this one tickling as the fit is great.

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