Germany '07

After two country-length cycling tours across Britain and France, I thought it was about time I shared the pains and pleasures of cycle touring. And who better than my little brother James, whose previous cycling adventures had probably taken him as far as the local shops.

So, the plan is for us to cycle from Hamburg in northern Germany, follow the River Elbe south east to Berlin, south through Dresden to Prague in the Czech Republic, before heading back south west into Bavaria and finishing in Zurich, Switzerland.  All in all it's just over 900 miles in 10 days.

Easy peasy, what could possibly go wrong?

Here's the route map:

And the daily diaries:

Day 1 - Hamburg to Wittenberge

Day 2 - Wittenberge to Berlin

Day 3 - Berlin to Finsterwalde

Day 4 - Finsterwalde to Bad Schandau

Day 5 - Bad Schandau to Prague

Day 6 - Prague to Furth-im-Wald

Day 7 - Furth-im-Wald to Landshut

Day 8 - Landshut to Landsberg am Lech

Day 9 - Landsberg to Lindau

Day 10 - Lindau to Grafstal