Land's End '03

In 2003 I decided, for no particularly good reason, to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats.

It's one of the classic cycling routes you hear of people doing for charity - well, you get more for your money that someone lying in a bath of custard - from (approximately) the southernmost to the northernmost points of the British mainland.

It was a total of 964 miles and I took 14 days to do it - I was being a cautious with distances as I'd never done anything like it before (save for cycling down to London on the canal towpath - I wouldn't recommend it, too bumpy!). The record for the route is under 2 days (how, with rockets attached?!).

In some ways the most fun part (and I've found this with other tours) was the planning - poring over maps and guidebooks to work out the route, choose stopping points and finding B&Bs.

I didn't initially plan to do the ride for charity, but my wife Clare persuaded me to use the opportunity to raise some money, £1,500, split between Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone Disease.

Here's a rough map of the route:

I've just noticed how odd this map is, it includes tiny towns in Northern Ireland, plus places such as
West Bromwich and North Allerton, but there's no room for Birmingham or Leeds...
And here are links to the daily diaries:

Day 1 - Land's End to Padstow

Day 2 - Padstow to Crediton

Day 3 - Crediton to Wells

Day 4 - Wells to Monmouth

Day 5 - Monmouth to Ludlow

Day 6 - Ludlow to Chester

Day 7 - Chester to Lancaster

'Day Off' around Windermere

Day 8 - Lancaster to Carlisle

Day 9 - Carlisle to Sanquhar

Day 10 - Sanquhar to Arran

Day 11 - Arran to Oban

Day 12 - Oban to Fort Augustus

Day 13 - Fort Augustus to Golspie

Day 14 - Golspie to John O'Groats